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Consumer Services

The Premier Policy

Security Title is pleased to offer homeowners the advantages of added title protection with our Premier Policy. This policy looks into the future to safeguard your home with enhanced coverages that, in various geographical regions, were previously unavailable. If the region in which the property is located demands it, a small additional premium may apply. Regardless, you'll appreciate the enhanced protection the Premier Policy offers homeowners.
You'll never know what the future holds, but with Security Title's Premier Policy you're protected from many situations that could lead to financial loss. Unlike traditional title insurance products that insure back in time, this policy provides comprehensive coverage for specific occurrences that take place in the future. Just look below and see for yourself:
  • Insurance for increased value caused by inflation, improvements and neighborhood development (10% increase in the original amount, per year, for five years)
  • Insurance against violations of building restrictions by existing structures which lead to forced removal
  • Insurance against actual loss arising from the prohibition of the premises being used as a single family dwelling due to zoning laws.
  • Insurance against subsequently arising mechanic's liens on work performed prior to the date of policy