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Consumer Services

Buyer Tips

Settling on your dream home doesn't have to be a nightmare if you're prepared, understand the process and have Security Title on your side.  To help your settlement run smoothly, here are a few details you will need to know.
Tips on buying a home
  • Provide our agent with a legible copy of your ratified contract so we can get to work on it and identify any potential problems.
  • Send your new Homeowners Policy to your lender at least one week prior to settlement.
  • Tell our agent immediately if a Power of Attorney will be used since this must be approved prior to settlement.
  • Contact our agent if your lender requires payment of any Consumer Bills before settlement.
  • Work out any repair controversies before settlement
Settlement Checklist
  • Bring a picture I.D. to settlement.
  • Review all settlement and title insurance documents with your realtor or attorney
  • Have estimated closing costs prepared by our agent or your realtor
  • Bring a Certified or Cashiers Check for any settlement costs due to settlement. Make this check payable to yourselves.  Also bring a personal check in case the charges are more than anticipated.
  • Bring proof of fire insurance and policy payment receipts
  • Be sure that the title deed is properly prepared.
  • Understand the financing package that is making your home purchase possible.
  • Contact all appropriate utilities to have future bills sent to you.